Our materials

All of our jewelry is made from gold fill, gold vermeil, sterling silver, and solid gold that won't tarnish or turn your skin green. From the beginning of launching Lunas , we wanted create high-quality and affordable jewelry for our customers.


Using demi-fine materials such as gold vermeil and gold fill allows us to bring beautiful and affordable jewelry to you that is tarnish-resistant, waterproof, and safe for sensitive skin.


We outlined each material we use in our jewelry below and how to care for it.


Contrary to gold-plated jewelry, our gold-filled and gold vermeil pieces have a much thicker plating of gold, making them hard to tarnish and safe for sensitive skin.

Metal Comparison

Gold Filled

Gold-filled jewelry is created through a heating process by bonding a thick layer of gold onto a base metal, usually brass or copper. Gold fill contains 5% of solid gold, compared to 0.5% for gold-plated jewelry, which makes them last much longer and safe for sensitive skin.


Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil (pronounced 'ver-may') uses sterling silver as the base metal. It must be at least 10k and contain 2.5 microns of solid gold to be considered gold vermeil. We use 2.5 to 3 microns for our gold vermeil jewelry to ensure our gold vermeil jewelry lasts a long time.


Gold Plated

Gold-plated jewelry is made by quickly dipping or 'flash plating' a base metal (brass or copper) into a thin layer of gold, ranging from 0.1 - 0.5 microns. Although gold-plated jewelry is the most affordable option, we do not carry any gold-plated jewelry as it can last only a few weeks before tarnishing occurs.